Cosecha Branding

Cosecha is the face of the next phase of the immigrant rights movement. Following in the footsteps of Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez, undocumented youth activists forged in the Dreamer movement are visioning a historical breakthrough for the recognition of the dignity of all immigrant families. "Cosecha" translates to "Harvest" in Spanish. They are planting seeds of justice, reconciliation and unity all across the country. The branding ties back to the United Farm Workers flag designed by Richard Chavez. The eagle is a symbol of pride and faces to the right, toward the future. The eagle is made up of the sprout of a seed, representing the sowing of a new harvest, where all people will see the fruits of their labor. Blue represents the water in takes to grow the movement, while the gold represents power and the sunset at the end of a successful harvest.

Client: Cosecha
Role: Designer